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Concert Videos

Dots and Dashes (Schulze) - McMaster University Percussion Ensemble

Blending morse code messages encoding the composer’s initials (DLS), and syncopated rhythms inspired by tribal drum and dance music popular in Western Africa, this rhythmically complex quartet projects a steady groove despite continually shifting meters.

Danse (Debussy, arr. Prince) - McMaster University Percussion Ensemble

Originally for solo piano, this arrangement for keyboard percussion ensemble offers a beautiful reimagining of a classic featuring exotic tonalities and lush melodic lines. It features six students from across campus committed to music making alongside academic studies outside music.

Cave (2022) - Tsz Long Yu performed by Chin Pok Bevis Ng

This new piece for tam-tam solo with live electronic processing gives the performer significant license in both sound and gesture. It is part of Ng’s larger research project exploring the relationship between effective (sound producing) and ancillary (non sound producing) gestures.

Marimbology (1993) - Gunther Schuller performed by Andrew Busch

This advanced work requires considerable kinematic facility. Jill Ball (Western University) and Busch gave a joint lecture-demonstration on challenges encountered in learning key sections in this piece, as well as their solutions. Busch then gave this performance at the evening concert.

Spanesque Oscillations (Riley) - McMaster University Percussion Ensemble

Featuring syncopated rhythms and fast moving lines, this high energy quartet is a treat for performers and audiences alike. This performance features four students from across campus, brought together through a shared interest in percussion.

Beat (2010, rev. 2021) - Sylvain Pohu performed by Martin Daigle

Originally conceived by Sylvain Pohu for Sixtrum, this multi-media revisioning blends striking images with an augmented drum kit performed by Martin Daigle. Employs sensory percussion triggers so sounds and videos emanate from the striking of acoustic drums.

Espace (1988) - Pierre Béluse performed by David Therrien-Brongo

Discovered in archives at the Marvin Duchow Library (McGill), Espace explores the incredible range of wide sonic possibilities from metallic objects. Based on a dialogue between five gongs and five cymbals, it includes both notated and improvisatory sections giving the performer great freedom.

Madlib (2022) - Louis Pino & Jonny Smith

A collaborative project involving a customizable MAX/MSP patch, exploring approaches to simultaneously exploring both pedagogical and aesthetic goals. This performance offers different realizations by each of the piece’s creators (Pino and Smith).

Quickening, Grace, Aether, & Stasis - Jordan Nobles. Facilitated by Nick Papador

A series of open score pieces offering a structure filled in by some of the participants of The Space Between.