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The Space Between

April 29-30, 2022

McMaster University hosted the inaugural in-person meeting of the Canadian Percussion Network, featuring keynote presentations, lecture-demonstrations of performance approaches, poster sessions on ongoing research, and an evening concert featuring solo and ensemble performances by percussionists from across the country.


The Space Between events aim to connect percussionist with research findings useful for their musical lives. These events offer a valuable opportunity for bi-direction communication. Not only can leading researchers share the musical applications of their findings, percussionists can gain the skills and connections needed to pursue their own research projects.

Our inaugural event brought together a wide range of percussionists engaged in research topics ranging from developing a practical acoustics of percussion instruments to exploring gender diversity in percussion studios. With keynote presentations, lecture-demonstrations, research posters, and a concert featuring a wide range of solo and ensemble performances, this two day event helped build on CPN’s virtual meetings to solidify the network.

We are grateful to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the McMaster Faculty of Humanities for their financial support, which allowed us to offer this event free of charge to participants and attendees. We are also please to have partnered with the Ontario Percussive Arts Society to help promote and enhance this event as part of its annual Day of Percussion festival.

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